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Celebrating Mandela Day with a Special Delivery for the Benoni SPCA

Benoni SPCA

In the true spirit of Mandela Day, a day that celebrates unity, compassion, and making a positive difference, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation embarked on a special mission in support of our friends at the SPCA Benoni. We had the privilege of organising a heartwarming pet food drive and donation to the shelter. This initiative aimed to extend a helping hand to the Benoni SPCA, an organization that does such wonderful work with animals and was in need of some food and blankets for these furry friends.

The plight of animals holds a special place in the heart of HSH Princess Charlene, who also serves as the president of the SPA in Monaco. With her guiding inspiration, our dedicated CEO, Chantell Wittstock, and youth ambassador, Kaiden Keyser, led the charge, spearheading this meaningful endeavour.

Our team, along with eager learners from St Dunstan’s College, gathered together, all smiles and excitement, to proudly hand over the donation to the Benoni SPCA.

The pet food drive and donation event not only showcased the power of community but also highlighted how seemingly small gestures can create an immeasurable impact. The unity and compassion displayed by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, St Dunstan’s College learners, and all those who contributed to the cause truly exemplified the spirit of Mandela Day.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It is in your hands to make a difference.” Let that serve as an enduring reminder that together, we can make the world a better place for all living beings.


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