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A Royal Mission to Save South Africa’s Rhinos!

We are dedicated to preserving the majestic wildlife of our nation. Our Chasing Zero inititive is spearheaded by Princess Charlene, who has taken it upon herself to combat the alarming poaching crisis threatening South Africa’s rhinos.

In her commitment to wildlife conservation, Princess Charlene visited Thanda Safari, a leading reserve in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal. Witnessing the plight of rhinos firsthand, she was inspired to take action. Thus, #chasingzero was born, an initiative with a singular focus: to reduce rhino poaching to zero.

#Chasingzero supports a range of strategic projects. and interventions aimed at protecting these incredible animals”

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco

Dehorning: This humane and proactive measure involves safely removing rhino horns to make them less attractive to poachers. By doing so, we significantly reduce the risk of these animals being targeted and killed.

24/7 Anti-Poaching Units: Highly trained anti-poaching units work around the clock to safeguard rhinos. Equipped with the latest technology and intelligence, these teams are on the front lines, preventing poaching incidents before they occur.

In a significant show of support for our mission, Chantell Wittstock recently handed over a cheque for R100,000 to Ant’s Nest. This generous donation will go directly towards veterinary bills and bolstering the anti-poaching units, ensuring that rhinos receive the medical care they need and that our anti-poaching teams are equipped to continue their vital work.

The rhinos cannot speak for themselves, but we can speak on their behalf”

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco

Additionally, our Youth Ambassador, Kaiden Keyser, has been actively involved in spreading awareness about rhino conservation. Kaiden conducts school outreach programs, teaching students about the importance of rhino conservation and inspiring the next generation to join the fight against poaching. His efforts are crucial in educating and mobilizing young people to become advocates for wildlife preservation.



A key part of our long-term strategy is the establishment of a dedicated rhino sanctuary in KwaZulu-Natal, in partnership with Thanda Safari. This sanctuary will provide a safe haven for rhinos, where they can live and thrive without the constant threat of poaching. It will also serve as a center for research, education, and community engagement, helping to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of these magnificent creatures.

We invite you to join us in the fight to save South Africa’s rhinos. Your support can make a significant difference in ensuring the survival of these iconic animals for future generations. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, every effort counts towards achieving our goal of zero poaching.

Together, we can chase zero and bring an end to rhino poaching in South Africa.

Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa. Uniting for Conservation, Protecting Our Heritage.

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My Foundation is about children who can become great adults, if we collectively show them the way forward with strong sport values and solidarity.”

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco