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Kaiden Keyser is the new youth ambassador for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa.
He is a South African National BMX racer with countless awards over 11 years of racing BMX. As a #ChasingZero ambassador, his love for animals shines in everything he does.

Kaiden has raced from the tender age of five and is the five-time National Champion in South Africa and three-time African Continental Champion. He competed in the 2013 UCI World Championships in New Zealand at the age of eight!

The Lion and Rhino Park track is one of Kaiden’s favourite race tracks. He says, “I am as passionate about animals as I love racing BMX. BMX isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion. Every BMXer out there knows what I’m talking about when I say it’s the best feeling when you go to the track, smell that nasty old dust, look at all the happy faces and families, laughing and smiling. You slip your helmet on, get on the gate, and to hear that cadence fall is something you would never trade for the world.”

Kaiden’s story

Kaiden started riding BMX with his best friend, who built a mini BMX track around the corner from where they stayed. He was there every day on his oversized BMX until he raced his very first race in Germiston, where he placed first by a couple of bike lengths! Kaiden says, “That day, I knew that BMX racing was the career for me. I went on to be Top SA and Continental Champion in my age group.”

Kaiden’s Achievements

  • Multiple Gauteng Champion since 2010
  • Seven-time South African Champion
  • Three-time African Continental Champion
  • Selected to represent South Africa at the 2013 UCI World Championships in New Zealand, Auckland

Support my efforts

Our Foundation’s Efforts

Chasing Zero is about speaking out against the atrocity of wildlife poaching and doing something about it before it’s too late.

Although poaching has decreased in recent years, we are not out of the woods yet. Poachers are still slaughtering rhinos for their horns, and sometimes they even kill the dehorned rhinos for the small piece of base horn.

Princess Charlene wants to do all she can to protect the rhinos and other endangered species. Therefore, we are raising funds to protect the rhinos and educate our children about wildlife conservation and preservation. We will chase zero regarding wildlife poaching and ensure everyone knows that rhino horn is not cool!

Together, we will do all we can to save our rhinos and other endangered species.

Thank you in advance for supporting our Foundation. We look forward to honouring and acknowledging your contribution.